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How we got here

The why of
CC Homecare

CC Homecare was founded in 2012 by a group of people who believed there should be more care in care – and that care should be about people and community, before profit.

We're community based (our members make important decisions about how we operate) and we invite all clients to join the community and have a say.

We're small, and not so fussed about growing: we'd rather do a good job for fewer people.  And keep it person to person.

We're NDIS approved, and working on approval for Home Care packages for seniors (we already deliver services through a partner.

And we're always in need of volunteers and donations.

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Community Based.

Connecting people with community

I have great pleasure to say CC Home Care is truly about connecting people with the community with their attention to the full support of their clients. With the piece of mind knowing all support issues are taken care of by the team there, this enables the client to feel independent and free to enjoy what the rest of the community enjoy. Without this support, a feeling of isolation and depression can occur leaving the client alone and unable to enjoy people. I fully support CC Home Care and all they do.