People like you

User controlled

The CC Homecare constitution places ultimate authority in the hands of the members. They set or at least approve our goals, strategies, procedures and policies. They elect the Board members. They are in control.

Our members are mostly our clients, plus supporters.

This means that CC Homecare is controlled by the people who receive its services: people with disabilities and older people needing in-home support.

All of our clients are invited and encouraged to join and to attend at least the AGM.

So at CC Homecare it’s not us-and-them. It’s just us. And you are welcome to join.

Download the CC Homecare Constitution

A better quality of life

"I wish to let you know that since CC Home Care have provided myself with Personal, Domestic and Access to the Community I now have a better quality of life and have reconnected with my friends who have been a great support to me.  The Staff I have been provided has been exceptional and I have been given complete choice and control in everything. I appreciate everything CC Home Care does for me."
- Francesca