Personal Care

Care with understanding, respect and dignity

Getting help with bathing, grooming, toileting and managing medications can be confronting.
Sometimes people who have raised families and helped others find it hard to accept help themselves, whether it's mobility, dealing with daily practicalities or getting out and about in the community.
So we want you to know that your carer will be experienced;
they know what to expect and do.
They will understand.
They will be respectful.
They will listen and be responsive.
Thye can help you make the transtion and elarn new ways.
Above all, they will maintain your dignity, while supporting you
to achieve your main objective: continuing to live independently,
in your own home.
The rewards are worth it.

Independent and Free

"I have great pleasure to say CC Home Care is truly about connecting people with the community with their attention to the full support of their clients. With the piece of mind knowing all support issues are taken care of by the team there, this enables the client to feel independent and free to enjoy what the rest of the community enjoy. Without this support, a feeling of isolation and depression can occur leaving the client alone and unable to enjoy people.
I fully support CC Home Care and all they do."
- Bridget