Where the money goes

Not-for-Profit (for us it is a big deal)

CC Homecare was founded and is run by people who believe in everyone getting a hand when they need it, regardless of their income or profit potential.

People, for example all of our Board members, who are serious enough about this to give their time, with no remuneration. Many of our workers are volunteers, or started as volunteers. 

We think about how we can squeeze more for you out of your support package. We don't think about how we can make more money out of you.

And when there's money left over, we spend it on improving our services.

So you can see, we're an organisation that puts our heart before our wallet.

A great support

"Dear CC Home Care I am writing to say thank you to you and your staff for your wonderful service to my wife during a long and difficult time. Your advice has always been correct and given in an encouraging manner. You have even come to our home on many occasions when asked. You have been a great support to us."
- Kevin