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Anywhere In Perth

Support to live your life, your way

If you have NDIS approval, we can deliver approved services for you.

We may be able to get you improved support.

If you do not have approval but think you might be eligible, we can help you apply: see our Free Assessment.

CC Homecare is registered to deliver services in the categories;

➔ Assist Personal Activities
➔ Assist-Life Stage, Transition
➔ Assist-Travel/Transport
➔ Behaviour Support
➔ Community Nursing Care
➔ Daily Tasks/Shared Living
➔ Development-Life Skills
➔ Household Tasks
➔ Participate Community
➔ Personal Activities High
➔ Therapeutic Supports
➔ Accommodation

These categories cover every day activities from getting dressed to participating in a social event.


Understanding how NDIS works

"CC Homecare has been really helpful in assisting me with understanding the NDIS plan and how it works as well as supporting me through this process. Also giving me lovely caring people to help make my life easier. Thanku CC Homecare (Catena)."
- Jenny