Home Care Packages

Level 2 Packages

Level 2 Packages provide funding up to $15,877.50 per year (2021).
They can cover:

    • Personal care
    • Domestic assistance
    • Loan of basic care equipment
    • Social support
    • Meal preparation
    • Shopping
    • Transport
    • Social support
    • Basic home & garden maintenance
    • Some nursing care

A client example:

Nata was referred to CCHC by a family member. She is 99 years old, she would not accept services till she was 98 and even then only if they spoke Italian as she did not speak English. A succession of potential providers were turned away because they could not provide consistency of care from Italian speakers.

At CC Homecare initial interviews are done by the Executive Director – who speaks Italian – who explains everything in detail so they have a very good understanding how their package works.
Nata is involved in every aspect of the planning and has a strong say in what she wants.

The Executive Director advises if she can provide this service - explains we sub-contract to another agency because we are not fully endorsed and we are brought in because of our multicultural employees
If an employee is available then the client first meets with the support worker in the company of the Executive Director to see if they are a good fit.

The client then informs the Executive Director if they are happy with the support worker and would like to give them a try.

If the fit works then they have them as required, sometimes two or more support workers are sourced to cover the initial worker in case they are unwell.

(This is a real client at CC Homecare, but her name has been changed to preserve privacy.)


Encouragement and Support

"Dear CC Home Care I am writing to say thank you to you and your staff for your wonderful service to my wife during a long and difficult time. Your advice has always been correct and given in an encouraging manner. You have even come to our home on many occasions when asked. You have been a great support to us."
- Kevin